50 gr. of valuable thai tea Ruby Oolong.
It’s a dainty oolong, with a quite high oxidation, processed with a slow roasting technique.
It grows at 1200 mt. of height on the slope of mount Doi Mae Salong, in a humid and foggy climate where the large temperature range between day and night allows it a slow growth, giving it time to develope more aroma and sweetness.
Its apical leaves, finely rolled up and with a brown colour, release in the highly warm water the typical brilliant red colour which gives this tea its name.
In addition tu the more typical vegetal shades we have traces of cocoa, of coffee beans, of raisins and black cherries, and some rosted tones.
The aftertaste changes with the progression of the infusions, moving from fruity to wooded to vanilla.

The advised usage predicts infusions with a progressive duration, from 3 to 5 minutes each, at 95°.
Between infusions there must be no liquid in the tea pot.

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