100 gr. of chinese Oolong tea.
This tea is also called “blue tea”, semi-oxidized or semi-fermented.
It comes from the Fujian region in China, and thanks to its typical processing it mixes the beneficial properties of the green tea and the aroma and taste of the black tea.

After the harvesting of the more mature leaves, with less tannins and caffeine, and after having them sun dryed and rested in the shadow, the process of oxidation begins in rooms with constant temperature and humidity, where they are also pressed.
The process expects a partial semi-oxidation, stopped by the roasting and limited to the edges of the leaves, which when not rolled up take strange shapes and their typical blue-greenish colour.

It’s a valuable tea with an intense and aromatic scent and a rich flavour, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Use one tea spoon for a cup, infuse for 5-7 minutes at 80-90°

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